So what is 8 Cities all about?

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8 Cities is an eight-month journey into the heart of married life, using the exotic tastes, sounds, and stories of global cities to explore what it means to pursue a life-giving and enduring marriage.

We believe that a healthy, thriving marriage is possible for every couple, but we also believe that it’s not something you will experience by default. No bride and groom stand at the altar and envision themselves living out a mediocre marriage or worse, and yet many of us do. Why is that? To a large degree, it’s because we find ourselves in the challenging position of sharing life with another person with essentially no training or trustworthy advice on how to do so successfully.

With this in mind, 8 Cities is all about helping husbands and wives have a good time as they make a concerted effort to learn about each other and about how married life works. Our goal is nothing short of Every Marriage Thriving.

Let the journey begin…


Stay tuned


Stay tuned


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